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Shopping for home fitness equipment, including a treadmill, can be pretty much the same as purchasing a couch or chair for your home. Treadmills come in many sizes with numerous choices of features and benefits it may be hard to decide where to begin.

Treadmills over the last few years have evolved into technical pieces of machinery that can store your stats or simulate walking and running uphill. They also include workout programs so you no longer have to worry about boredom and you can include interval training as part of your fitness routine.

Probably the biggest consideration one would have in choosing a treadmill is if you want a fold-up treadmill (space saver) or a stationary treadmill.

Generally fold-up or space saver treadmills come in two categories; shock or drop assisted and manual folding. The a shock assisted folding treadmill you get a little assistance with minimal effort on your part. It is similar to lifting of the trunk of your car and when the deck lowers, it lowers slowly.

With several newer models, you just have to push a button and the treadmill folds up newer models, then use the foot lever to have the treadmill slowly lower to the ground.  Manual folding is where you do all the work to fold it up and un-fold it. Although manually folding and unfolding isn’t hard to do, if you have a bad back or other disability, you may find that manually folding is not right for you.

The benefits of having a fold-up treadmill mostly have to do with how much space you have. If you live in an apartment or live in a small home a fold-up treadmill is probably on your wish list if you are shopping for a treadmill.

If you look for one with wheels you can often fit it into a corner or in a larger closet. It could be easy to dust around, as dust is a major factor in the duration of life in a treadmill you want it to be easy to maintain.

There are a few down sides to owning a fold-up treadmill. The biggest concern has to do with stability. Treadmills have stability ratings which generally indicate how well they handle the activity they are intended for in relation to the user.  Some folding treadmills lack in this area in that they are not preferred for running or heavy use. When reading reviews of folding treadmills see if stability is addressed, if it’s not there is a good chance that your treadmill may shake when you run at the higher speeds.  If the review does address stability then your folding treadmill will have the stability that you want.

Another down side is although it is great for space you have to consider if you can lift and fold the treadmill on your own. If you have a disability of some type; are elderly; or just don’t want to lift and lock the item you might consider shock assisted model if saving space in your home is still the goal.

If space is not a consideration or if you are a really heavy user; either someone in training or you prefer running or jogging to walking perhaps you are more likely to consider a stationary treadmill. The benefit of a stationary treadmill include the stability factor.

When purchasing a treadmill, whether it’s a stationary or folding one, check the weight of the treadmill. Many are 250 pounds or more. Think about how you will be able to get it into your home or apartment, since  the delivery company will leave it at the “curbside”.

However, with many companies you have the option of getting it delivered into the room of your choice for an additional fee. This fee is usually around $50 and unless you have a few strong people to help get it into your home, the $50 is well worth it.

Both stationary and folding treadmill are easy to assemble, and normally take 20-30 minutes, with most tools included in your treadmill box. The only additional tool that you may need will be a screwdriver.

Treadmills have really advanced over the last two years and you will find that whether you choose a stationary treadmill or a folding one you’ll get a great workout and your treadmill will last for year and years.

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