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Treadmill workout for losing weight fast

Many people purchase a treadmill for overall health and fitness while others purchase for the specific goal of losing weight and losing weight quickly. While many of the newer treadmills have built in treadmill workout programs that can help you achieve your goals, if you have an older treadmill or one that does not have any included programs you may not know how to use your treadmill for weight loss.

If you use your treadmill at a slow and steady walking pace you will not see the weight loss results that you are looking for. You need a treadmill workout that will vary between the slower pace and also one where you must pick up the pace and this is referred to as an interval training treadmill workout.

The interval training treadmill workout basically means you workout at different intervals or different intensities.  Some slower, some very quickly and if you have a treadmill that allows for an adjustment in the incline, you will also be adjusting the incline during your higher intensity levels.

Here are two different treadmill workout videos

This first video will give you an overall view of a treadmill workout for losing weight quickly.

This second treadmill workout video will go into interval training by showing example workouts

Each of the treadmill workouts above will help you reach your weight loss goals while enhancing your overall fitness levels.

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