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Treadmill vs Elliptical Trainers – which one is right for you?

More and more people are starting to realize that exercise results can be best achieved with low impact exercise.        treadmills vs elliptical trainers

If  joint or back pains become a part of your daily workout, then it is time you realize that you might be slowly burning out rather than attaining your health goals.  The key to having low impact exercise is to buy the right kind of exercise equipment.

There are many popular choices for low impact exercise machines.
Think of tread climbers, treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers; these are either affordable or high end equipment—but learning to choose which one would benefit you more is the key to getting value for your money.

Let’s try to narrow down the list to just the best selling equipment in the market nowadays—the treadmills and elliptical trainers.

Treadmills are all about repetitive walking or jogging.  Most people enjoy this equipment because they can do their workout while reading a good book or while watching the television.  The speed and incline controls make it quite easy to operate the machine—even a person with no technical know-how would be able to set this up.  You actually have the power to control how easy or how hard you want your workout to be.

Features of the treadmill include a computer which assigns the right workout routine for anyone who would input his weight, age and weight loss goal; a control system which makes you set up the difficulty level of your desired routine (it can be set up on walking, running, or even an uphill climb mode); durable belts which are built to sustain rigorous activities such as jogging, walking and running; it can also be installed with a heart rate monitor which is a good way to gauge your cardiovascular system and energy level.

With newer treadmills you’ll find that the deck is cushioned which makes running a bit more comfortable.

Also if you choose a treadmill that has iFit technology or iFit live you can expand your workouts and have extra motivation to want to workout daily.

Elliptical trainers, on the other hand, have been designed not only to target the lower body muscles but also your upper body.

As you slowly build muscles, you also burn an amazing amount of fat and calories.  As compared to treadmills, it is common knowledge that they offer a low impact workout which is no surprise that they are now more popular among baby boomers.
And since it is low impact, it is friendly to parts of your body which are often ravaged by rigorous training—your lower back, knees and ankles.

Elliptical training is much like exercising midair—you would feel the fusion of comfort and fitness.  And by making use of your own strength to utilize an elliptical trainer, it allows you to burn more calories and hone your muscles.

There are still avid fans of treadmills out there and there are a growing number of people who believe in the elliptical trainer instead.  The comparisons for treadmill vs elliptical trainers could go on and on but the argument stops at one aspect—which equipment gives you your desired results?  The choice is always up to you.

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