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The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro is a unique dual purpose fitness machine that combines the non-impact muscle building and toning capabilities that a recumbent bike give you with the cardiovascular benefits of an elliptical machine.                                                                                                                                                                    ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

However, the Hybrid Trainer Pro does not stop there, what sets this hybrid trainer apart from others is that it is  iFit compatible which means fitness boredom is a thing of the past.

By now you are probably familiar with iFit technology but if you are not here is just a quick glimpse into how this technology can not only expand your workouts but can make your workouts enjoyable by taking your workout out of your small fitness space and putting the world at your fingertips.

With iFit you can feel what it would be like to bike routes from all over the world as your trainer will automatically be adjusted to fit your route. With this technology you can also track your fitness progression and there will be an almost unlimited workout library for you to choose from.

Each day a new adventure and a new workout – how sweet is that?

Now while this trainer is iFit compatible the wireless iFit module is sold separately. However it is priced so incredibly low that there is no reason why you should not take advantage of what it can do. Why look at a workout graph or two color console when you can view cities of the world?

This hybrid trainer also comes with a removable tablet holder so you can keep your tablet with you and stay connected with friends or keep up with the latest news or gossip.

This fitness machines comes with 20 workout apps so even if you decided not to go with iFit (and I am not sure why you wouldn’t) you still have a good range of workouts to keep your body going in the right direction.

Whats nice is that there is a button for elliptical workouts and one for recumbent workouts so you don’t have to scroll through more than you need to.

It is iPod and MP3 player compatible so you can listen to your favorite music. The 2″ speakers have a nice sound quality but if you are use to listening to your music LOUD then you may want to use your earphones.

There are also 20 resistance levels so that you can go from beginner to intermediate and anywhere in between.

This hybrid trainer offers so much more than others and to see why it should be your choice just visit ProFormProForm Hybrid Trainer