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Low impact exercise does not mean low calorie burn or low effectiveness! You still get an excellent workout but there will be less wear and tear on your body and with many low impact exercises you will add strength, stamina and flexibility which will help you grow old gracefully.                                     Woman Walking on Beach

Not every man and woman is cut out for the high intensity training that many people embrace when they want to look and feel better. Some people need or prefer low impact exercise routines.

Strength training, endurance, flexibility and balance are the four prominent areas where you can embrace a low impact exercise regimen and receive health benefits without putting your body at risk for injury or exhaustion.

What Is Low Impact Exercise?

Low impact exercise is the type of exercise that doesn’t put stress on your body. That means, it’s kind to your joints and bones and muscles. If you’ve ever felt the pain of working out the following day, then you’ve probably engaged in high impact exercise.

Walking is the most prominent low impact exercise people engage in. Anyone can walk, anywhere, at any time. You don’t need special equipment aside from comfortable shoes.

You can walk on a flat plane or up and down hills, depending on your fitness level. You can walk outside, indoors, in place, fast, or slow. It all revolves around your comfort level.

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