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There isn’t much maintenance needed on a treadmill.  Other than making sure that all pressure points are secure and that the treadmill is kept clean and oiled (some treadmills need occasional oiling) your treadmill is pretty much maintenance  free.

However, if you own your treadmill for quite a while you may notice that the treadbelt is getting worn. When it does look worn or frayed it’s time to replace the belt.  Don’t stress as it is fairly easy to do.

Before attempting to replace your treadmill belt, be sure that you have unplugged your treadmill and that you are only using a new belt that is made for your treadmill model!
First remove the cover that protects the engine. You will normally find this at the back of your treadmill and is held on with a few screws.

As you loosen the belt, push the roll toward the rear of the cover.  It’s best to work with the front roller first moving on to the rear roller last.

Now remove the screws holding the hood, removing the  band and the cover at the same time. This exposes the deck and check to see  if you need to oil, clean with a clean cloth or lubricate it.  Now before you remove the old belt take a good look and notice how the old belt is attached.

What I normally do with any type of maintenance, is to take a picture or a video and then when it’s time to attach it again I can follow the video.  If you are working with a partner, have one video while the other one removes the old belt. You’ll find putting on the new belt super easy.

Now slide the old belt off (again taking notice of how it looks and where it is attached). Also don’t forget to keep track of the screws that you have removed so that you don’t lose them.

Now it’s time put the new belt on starting on the back of the treadmill and slide the rear roller via the belt.  Put the screws in place in the same way that you did with the front screws.

Slide the front roller forward of the strap and position. Then do the same for the rear roller. Go ahead and push each screw in partially to hold it in place and when all the screw have been added you can start to tighten each one..

Test the best by pulling on it to see if there is to much slack. If there is you will have to work on the rollers again. If it feels fine (and most of the time it will) plug you treadmill back into an outlet and turn the treadmill on at it’s lowest speed.
Watch the belt turn a few time to make sure that nothing is holding back. Then stop your treadmill, then this time turn the treadmill back on and start using it on the lowest speed.  Do minor adjustments as needed.

Before you attempt to remove your old best be sure to check the literature that came with your treadmill to see if there are specific instructions for your particular brand and model.

It should take 20-30 minutes at the most to replace your treadmill belt.

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