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The ProForm GTX Exercise Bike has both a 20% incline and also a 20% decline

While many pieces of fitness equipment may currently be more popular than the lowly exercise bike, it is the exercise bike that has the highest level of user longevity.                        ProForm GTX exercise bike

That’s right, when you compare treadmills, elliptical trainers and other pieces of fitness equipment, the person who uses an exercise bike is more apt to stick with their fitness program overall.

Some experts say that it has to do with comfort while others think that it may be related to the mind equating using an exercise bike with riding a bicycle when we were younger.

Either way, more exercise bike users will continue their workout routines longer than most others.

What sets the ProForm GTX exercise bike apart from the others?

  • While most exercise bikes allow the resistance level to change, the GTX actually simulates wind resistance so you have a more natural feeling while you “ride”.
  • When you are looking to add a bit more strenuous workout into your routine you have the option of having your exercise bike incline and/or decline at a 20% level.  This will give you a different user experience in addition to helping you burn more calories, enhance your cardio workout and also will work your muscle groups in a much different way compared to always using your bike at a flat and level surface.While this might not sink in right way, you have to think about using your bike years down the line. Being able to vary you incline you can work harder when you feel like you have more strength and muscle definition and also be able to target different muscle groups. Being able to change the incline and decline is a major improvement over flat level exercise bikes.
  • With the ProForm GTX exercise bike you have 24 different gears so you can personalize each workout to suit your fitness needs and wants.
  • iFit live technology is built right into your bike helping you to keep motivated and also helping you vary your workouts day to day. With iFit live which is powered by Google maps allows you to “ride” trails from all over the world, while your exercise bike automatically adjusts to match the trail.
    ProForm GTX Exercise Bike Console
    In addition to picking and choosing trails and different locations you can also download new workout programs so that you never get bored. You will need your own internet access to be able to use iFit Live and it is best to have a high speed connection such as cable or DSL. A dial-up internet connection is not recommended as it is too slow to stream the data.
    With iFit live you can also compete against your friends and have Jillian Michaels as your “trainer”.
  • In addition the ProForm GTX also has 24 workout programs built right in to the bike. Workouts that include a simulated indoor spinning experience to outside racing, you’ll find several that fit your needs. What is nice about the workouts is that your exercise bike controls are automatically changed for you to match the workout.So if you workout shows you going uphill, your bike’s incline will increase. If you are cycling downhill then your bike will decline. If you are riding against the wind, you’ll feel your bike’s resistance increase.

While I have only covered some of the features that appeal to me, this exercise bike does have several other noteworthy features.
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ProForm GTX Exericse Bike

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