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The ProForm 1050E elliptical has a power intensity incline ramp that goes from 10% incline to a full 40%.

With each incline adjustment you are able to target your muscles a bit differently allowing you to focus on your problem areas.  You will also be burning more calories as you increase the incline as well as enhancing your cardio benefits and endurance level.     ProForm 1050E elliptical with 40% incline and adjustable stride

The 1050E also has an adjustable stride that starts at 19″ and can adjust up to 24“. This is a great feature since you are able to get the perfect stride length for your body and if there is more than one user each can adjust it to their specifications.

This elliptical also has the iFit workout card technology so that you can expand your workout collection. Each card just inserts into your elliptical console (just like a SD card from your digital camera or MP3 player insets into your computer or card reader – so it’s very simple to use) and as you workout your personal trainer gives you audible cues to motivate you in addition to automatically adjusting your elliptical’s  resistance level. iFit workout cards may be purchased when you purchase your elliptical or at any time later on.

Your 1050E does come with 20 performance workouts built right into your elliptical so you’ll have plenty of workout choices.  This includes 2 calorie burning workouts and also 2 Create & Save workouts that lets you customize your own workout.  You pick your goal, speed, and time length for the ultimate, personalized workout.

There is a dual grip heart rate sensor built into the handlebar so that you can be sure that you are working out in your targeted heart rate zone.

Also there are In-Handle Quick-Touch Controls which lets you quickly and easily scroll though to increase or decrease your incline and your resistance levels. There are also 20 resistance levels which can be changed on the fly with a single push of a button.

To learn more about the ProForm 1050E elliptical and features that are not listed here,  just visit

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