We at Treadmills Ellipticals Home Fitness take your privacy as seriously as we would take the privacy of our own family members.

While basically all web sites track some type of information (usually an IP address, information about types of browsers used and the time of visits) this information is used is used as a whole and not individually.

For example:  By tracking browsers used, a web site will know if they should design their site for a smart phone, a laptop or standard computer since some browsers work better with different types of electronics.

So what about cookies?

Treadmills Ellipticals Home Fitness does affiliate with advertising partners that uses cookies. This helps to track a link that has been clicked from this site to the partners site so if a sale is made it will get credited is applicable. For more information about our partners cookie use please visit their applicable websites.

You can disable cookies

With just a simple change to your browser settings you can automatically disable or block cookies. While blocking all cookies is not recommended as cookies can enhance your web experience you should be familiar with your browser’s settings so that you can disable wherever you feel uncomfortable.