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Whether you decide to jog on a treadmill or outside, it’s a good exercise for your heart and lungs and will burn off calories.

Exercise in all forms is good. However, in order to strengthen the heart and the lungs you need to perform some type of cardio exercise.

Cardio (aerobic) exercise is any type of exercise that is performed at a moderate level for an extended time, and maintains an increased heart rate. One of the best forms of cardio exercise is jogging.

When done regularly, not only does jogging strengthen the heart muscles but it also lowers blood pressure and reduces your risk for stroke too. Studies have shown that vigorous exercise such as jogging can lower a person’s risk of stroke by as much as 20%.

Not only that, but jogging can also help to strengthen your immune system by increasing red blood cells in the body and transporting oxygen to your cells. Additionally, studies have shown that this form of exercise lowers your risk of cancer, relieves migraines and prevents symptoms of PMS in women, amongst other things.

Jogging also improves the capacity and efficiency of your lungs. This, in turn, improves the blood flow to your skin, helps your body to stay firmer and younger looking for a longer period of time.

Increased bone density is another benefit of jogging. The jolts received by your skeletal system when you run help to fortify your bones by increasing your bone density. Not only does this protect you against osteoporosis, it will also help to protect you against injuries. Another benefit it provides is that it increases your stamina and endurance – giving you more energy for your activities.

And if all of the above reasons weren’t enough to get you going, jogging also improves your mental health as well. As dozens of studies have proven, this type of aerobic exercise helps to relieve stress and tension which helps you to relax, relieves depression and insomnia.

While all of these facts are excellent reasons to run out of the door with your running shoes on, there are a few important pointers that you should keep in mind before you get started on any type of running program.

1) Start out slowly and gradually. Whenever you begin any new form of exercise it’s always best to begin slowly to give your body a chance to make adjustments. If you are using a treadmill set the speed to .5 or 1 mile per hour to start. See how you feel and raise the when you feel comfortable.

2) Before you jog begin by warming up your muscles first. This can be accomplished by working up to a 2 mph speed. Warming up before any strenuous workout can help to prevent accidents.

3) Don’t run on uneven or hard ground. This can also lead to sprains and injuries.

4) If you are jogging and you suddenly feel sick or nauseated do not continue running. Try to get something to drink immediately and seek some assistance. If you are using a treadmill with a bottle holder be sure to always keep it filled with cool, purified water for your workouts.

5) Bring a water bottle with you when you run so that you can stay hydrated.

6) Select proper athletic shoes that were designed for running. Poor running shoes can be a cause of accidental injuries.

7) Get proper rest. Any running or exercise program can only be enhanced with proper rest. Inadequate rest in between running can either lead to injuries or may slow down the process of healing or recovery, considerably.

8) Don’t look down when you run. Keep your head up and your shoulders relaxed.

9) Swing your arms back and forth as you run. Do not keep your hands clenched. If you are new to a treadmill and must hold the handrails, do so for the first few times, and then once you feel comfortable with the movement, let go. By swinging your arms naturally you will burn more calories.

10) As you jog, push off from the balls of your feet and land on your heels.

11) If you are on a treadmill try adjusting the incline slightly to simulate walking up or down a hill as you will burn more calories and get a more intense workout. Most treadmills come with included workouts that will automatically set your speed and incline to simulate hill and valleys, if yours has one take advantage of it as these are excellent fat burning routines.


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