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There is a reason that it is such an exciting time when babies take their first steps.
Walking is one of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself.  The health benefits of walking is a never –ending list that goes on and on.                                                                                                                                                 Walking For Health

Walking may be the healthiest thing you can do.  Walking may prevent the onset of osteoporosis and breast cancer, it improves your overall body functions, builds endurance and helps with depression.  These health benefits of walking can be used as great motivators to start exercising and walking.

Walking is great for your bones.  When walking at least 20 minutes a day, studies have shown that the risk of osteoporosis is lower.  It slows the rate of bone loss from your legs.  Though walking alone is not recommended for osteoporosis, it dramatically improves your bone-health.

Walking strengthens your body and keeps your endurance high.  Have you have ever tried to see how long you could run for and stopped around 20 minutes, then tried the same with walking and could walk for over 6 or even 8 hours?  Since walking is less strenuous, your body can maintain this level of exercise for a very long time.  Keeping your heart working while walking for longer distances builds your heart up better than jogging or running.

Walking lowers the risk of cancers, mainly breast and colon cancer.  By walking 20 minutes a day the risk of cancer is reduced by 20%. Also if you already have cancer, walking can reduce risk of death by 20%.

Walking improves your body function.  Walking uses many muscles and even joints throughout your body.  It strengthens your body overall.  It keeps you flexible and prevents physical disability from developing as you get older.

Walking reduces depression.  If you have ever felt down and took a short walk your look life probably improved.  That is because when you walk your brain releases hormones such as serotonin.  These hormones are known for the happy feelings that they come with.  When you exercise, serotonin is released and makes you feel happier.  But serotonin is special since when you stop exercising the brain continues to produce serotonin, making you even happier.

Walking 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day is one of the healthiest habits that you can adopt.  Not only are you improving your flexibility, lowers your risk of death from cancer, reduces osteoporosis, makes your heart healthy and keeps you happy.

On top of all these health benefits of walking, walking can also help you to lose weight, lower your blood pressure and improve your quality of life.

So jump on a treadmill or hit the park – it’s time to start walking for health!

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