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There are some people that will tell you that burning fat by using a treadmill is a long slow process. That may be true if you you keep your speed at .5 MPH at a level incline and don’t move your upper body. However if you speed up your treadmill, increase your incline (if you have the option) and get your body moving you will find that the fat just starts to melt away.

Here are two different videos showing you how to burn more fat and calories on your treadmill.


As you can see both workouts have to do with an interval training type workout yet they differ a bit in how they go about it.
Once you start doing this type of treadmill workout you will find that you have more energy during the day, you’ll feel stronger and you’ll tone and slim your body.

Just remember that like with all exercise you should get an ok from your first and you should discuss with him or her your fitness plans and see if you are healthy enough to elevate your fitness level.

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