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Vibration Exercise Machines – What do they really do?

There is a such a miss-conception about vibration machines. When most people think about vibration machines, the believe that all you do is stand on a vibrating exercise machine and get jostled about for a few minutes.

When people hear this they believe that either vibration machines are just a waste of money (and a scam ) or they believe that they will get a fantastic physique just by standing on the vibrating machine for a few minutes a day. vibration exercise machine

Actually both groups of people are wrong!

A vibration machine is to be as a tool to get more out of your workouts.

For example: instead of doing your exercises on the floor (crunches, push-ups, the plank or squats. You stand on the vibration machine ( in this example we are using the ProFrom Activator as the example) and you increase muscle activity up to 73%. This means that your workout time can be cut dramatically.

While you are working out on the Activator the Activator is vibrating  between 25 Hz to 35 Hz per second.  This makes your muscles work harder to stabilize your body and to perform your intended workout.
Your muscles actually contract 35 times per second!

No more long workouts or spending hours at the gym!

Have you been doing hundreds of ab crunches and tired of it taking so long to complete? With the ProForm Activator you will see a 50% increase in muscle activity when crunches are completed on the Activator.

Does that mean that I can do crunches for 1 hour and I’ll get results of working out for 2 hours?
No. The Activator is meant to be used for 10 minutes each session and only 3 times a week. This way you avoid muscle fatigue.

Now I know that you have plenty of questions about the ProForm Activator so here are a few handy links. You’ll also see a video of showing the increased muscle activity, the research behind the Activator, the benefits of vibration, the results of a control group compared to the results of those who used the Activator and also compared Activator users to those who worked out twice as long not using the Activator. I think that the results are amazing.

If you have questions about the safety of the Activator and also a listing of which medical conditions would prohibit it’s use,  just click on the FAQ link.

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