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Between skinny jeans, bikinis and fitted skirts we have to make sure that we look as good from the back as we do from the front. Plus a sagging butt makes us look much older than we really are! 5 effective butt toning exercises

If you are looking for some quick and simple exercises that don’t require expensive fitness equipment to tone your bottom that really do work, then these 5 excesses performed regularly will get your bottom firm, toned … and noticed.

Single Leg Deadlift

Keeping your arms at your sides, lift your right foot behind you. Bend your knees so that your lower leg is parallel to the floor. While bending forward at your hips, lower your body as far as you can go. Hold for a couple of seconds, then return to the standing position. Alternate legs and repeat.

Single Arm Swing

Extend your hand straight out in front of you while holding a dumbbell. Bend your knees and hips until your back creates a 45 degree angle with the floor. Swing your arm and dumbbell between your legs. Make sure you keep your arm stiff and straight, then push your hips forward and straighten your knees, while swinging the dumbbell and your arm back up to the starting position. Repeat, changing hands, and using both hands if you need to.

The Clamshell

Get down on the floor, lying on your side. Position your knees and hips to form a 45 degree angle. Keeping your heels together in constant contact, raise your upper knee as high as you can. Keep your lower leg on the floor, return to the starting position, and switch sides to blast your buttocks and tone your fanny.


Lie on your left side, propped up on your left elbow. Bend your knees 90 degrees in front of your body. With your right hand behind your head, bring your right knee up towards your chest, and your right elbow down towards your knee. Then extend your right leg behind you while pointing your toes and squeezing your rump. Do 10 or 15 reps, switch sides and repeat.

Plié Squat

A basic Barre exercise, the plié squat is great for tightening your posterior. Standing in front of a stable counter or chair with your feet approximately shoulder width apart, turn your toes out. Place one hand on the back of your chair or counter, while simultaneously raising the other above your shoulder. Keep your elbow close to your head, and push up onto the balls of both feet with your knees slightly bent. Straighten legs and repeat, then switch sides.

Now that you have learned to differentiate the difference between the first 7 fitness myths from true fitness facts here is are the next 10.  #16 is the one that most women get wrong.  And btw, weight training will make a female body look more feminine – you will not bulk up and get muscular unless you specifically train for it.  Just see #11 for more info.     Why spot reducing doesn't work

Fitness Myth #8: You have to stretch before a workout to prevent injury

Fact: Studies by experts have shown that stretching after a workout has benefits, but stretching before has no known effects. Warm ups to get the blood pumping are more beneficial.

Fitness Myth #9: Vegetarian diets are healthier than those that include meat and dairy.

Fact: Actually eliminating any food group is not a good idea. It means a lack of critical nutrients, vitamins and minerals, such as iron from meat and calcium from dairy products. A wholesome diet that includes foods from all food groups is best.

Fitness Myth #10: No Pain, No Gain.

Fact: Totally false, in fact experts often state that this motto can cause a lot of harm. Some soreness the day after a workout is expected, but, pain during the workout is an indicator that something is wrong.

Fitness Myth #11: Women who lift weights will look like bodybuilders.

Fact: Women cannot naturally produce as much testosterone as men, so they have to work very hard and with purpose to look like a bodybuilder. Doing regular weight training for toning is essential for female fitness, to build lean muscle mass and for fat burning.

Fitness Myth #12: You can target what parts of body fat to burn.

Fact: Working out reduces overall body fat, there is no way to choose and pick what parts get reduced more or less on an individual basis.

Fitness Myth #13: Never workout on an empty stomach.

Fact: Studies prove that working out before breakfast burns more fat.

Fitness Myth #14: Working out increases the appetite and causes hunger.

Fact: Studies show that high intensity workouts actually diminish cravings and hunger.

Fitness Myth #15: Squats cause knee strain and injury.

Fact: Squats have excellent benefits for the knees and the deeper the better. Just make sure that your form is correct.

Fitness Myth #16: Cardio is more effective for weight loss than weight training.

Fact: Cardio burns fat and calories, but, weight loss makes one vulnerable to muscle loss and the less lean muscle mass the body has the slower the metabolism, which, greatly affects long term weight management.

Fitness Myth #17: If you’re not lying in a coma on the ground after a workout, it means you did not workout hard enough

Fact: Total BS, smart workouts are more effective and less prone to injury than “hard” workouts.

Now there are dozens more of these myths and facts that get mixed up all the time but once you understand the first 17 then you will start to think differently and question when you read about a new fitness craze or if a friend tells you a “fact’ that doesn’t seem quite right.

You should also realize that every year science learns more about our amazing bodies and what they thought was correct last year may have been dis-proven this year so always try to read and stay up on the latest fitness news.

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17 Fitness Myths and Facts
Part 1                                                                                                                   17 Fitness Myths & Facts You Must Know

You could spend 2-3 hours a day, 7 days a week  exercising and not getting the benefits that you have worked so hard for if you are following exercising myths and have not armed yourself with the facts.

In this post you will begin to uncover and separate some of the fitness facts from the fitness myths.

Fitness Myth #1: Running on a treadmill puts less stress on your knees than running street pavement.

Fact: It’s the force of body weight that causes knee strain, not the surface you run on. To reduce knee strain vary workouts regularly.

Fitness Myth #2: Sit ups and crunches melt belly fat.

Fact: Crunches strengthen ab muscles, the layer of fat OVER those muscles can only be eliminated with cardio workouts and a sensible diet.

Fitness Myth #3: Cardio workouts greatly boost metabolism long after the workout and burn a lot of calories throughout the day.

Fact: The above is partially true, metabolism does increase, BUT, the actual calories burned as a result of the metabolism increase is only about 20 extra calories per day.

Fitness Myth #4: Swimming is a great cardio workout for losing weight.

Fact: The buoyancy of the water provides so much gravity that the workout is not nearly as intense as other forms of cardio, and so not as effective for weight loss.

Fitness Myth #5: If you workout every day you can eat whatever you want and lose weight.

Fact: The truth is that even if you workout every day, you still have to limit the calories you take in. Law of Physics: Thermodynamics – If you want to lose fat, you must eat fewer calories than you burn, period.

Fitness Myth #6: Yoga helps to ease back pain

Fact: Yoga only helps back pain that is muscle related. For other back issues Yoga can at best be ineffective and at worst can make the injury worse.

Fitness Myth #7: If you don’t sweat during a workout it means you are not working out hard enough.

Fact: Sweating is the body’s reaction to heat and a way to cool itself, it has nothing to do with exertion levels.

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