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Where can I find the best sales and deals on fitness equipment?

When most of us start the New Year we plan on getting healthier, losing weight and also getting our finances in better shape. There is no better way than to combine two of the most popular resolutions at once – getting healthier and saving money!

When most are looking at a long term investment in their health they often think of working out and dropping a few pounds but with free time being so short with many of us it doesn’t make sense to get a gym membership as we will only use it for a few weeks (or if it is a snowy winter – only a few days.)

By having a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, TreadClimber or Total Gym in your own home or apartment you can work out on a regular schedule and also fit in 5 minutes here and there. You may not think that 5 minutes extra adds up but 5 minutes extra every day is about 2 1/2 hours every month and that really does add up.

So how do you get the best prices on your fitness equipment and still getting the highest quality?

You don’t have to compromise to get the exercise equipment that you want at the best prices. What you need to do is to purchase factory direct. This is why so many people have turned to the internet to get the best sales on everything from bikes to treadmills.

When you purchase online you don’t have to pay for a showroom and for sales people always being scheduled in the fitness department and you look over the stats and prices without having anyone look over your shoulder.
You will also find the best selection since each company will have their full line while a physical store will only have room for a few models.

So if you are looking for the absolute best prices on for your treadmill or TreadClimber here is the list of the best  and highest quality fitness equipment companies where you can find a huge range of models for all fitness levels and price points.  In addition to being able to compare models and get the best deal for you, you will also find that most have free shipping!

So here is where you can get the best prices on fitness and exercise equipment
Some will be links directed to ultra special deals that are only available for a limited time while others will take you directly to the manufacturers front page where they will list all their deals there.
Sole Fitness lowest prices on Sole treadmills, elliptical and exercise bikes Super deals going on now!

TreadClimber TC10: $300 OFF + FREE Mat + FREE Shipping at! Use promo code: NEWYEAR (Valid Dec 23, 2014 – Feb 12, 2015)

TreadClimber TC20: $300 OFF + FREE Mat + FREE Shipping at! Use promo code: NEWYEAR (Valid Dec 23, 2014 – Feb 12, 2015)

ProForm.comProform fitness equipment deals for 2015

Exclusive Offer – Extra 10% off the new Total Gym FIT and all other home models with Promo code NEWYEAR15 Expires 2/28/15

Lifecore StoreLifeCore exercise equipment



Another great place to shop for Fitness Equipment is the Amazon Fitness Storeexercise equipment, fitness trackers at Amazon. However, it would not be my first choice. While they do have a very large selection of fitness equipment they have a smaller selection from each company, so if there is a particular company that you want to look at – lets say Bowflex or Sole, you choices of products will be much better at their main sites. However if you are looking for a brand that is not listed above then the Amazon Fitness Storelowest prices and best selection of fitness and exercise equipment would be the way to go.

Here’s to a New Year and a good deal!

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