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How walking can make an amazing difference in your life

One of the easiest ways to work out also happens to be extremely good for you.  Walking from your car to the store, walking your dog and walking to the mailbox are all ways we exercise, and are doing so much good for our bodies.   Woman Walking on Beach

Not only is walking easy, free and you can do it everywhere you go, but walking also can prolong your life, help you to look and feel better, lowers risk of diabetes, loses weight and is great for your brain!  These 5 benefits of walking can be great motivations to walk.

Prolong your life by lowering your blood pressure

Walking can lower your blood pressure.  When you walk, your heart rate gets a workout and your heart-rate goes up.  When your heart gets a good workout it becomes stronger and can handle its job function better, so your heart becomes stronger and lowers your blood pressure.

Helps you to lose weight

On average, walking will burn 100 to 125 calories by walking on mile.  That is a lot of calories to burn by walking since it can take 10 minutes of a high intense cardio workout to burn 100 calories.  The more calories we burn, the more our body relies on our fat storage and will burn that up along with your calories.  So walk off that extra weight!

Tones and strengthens your muscles

Walking 20 minutes a day can tone your muscles.  Adding ankle weights or by adding different walking styles- such as skipping, adding random hops or side shuffling- uses your muscles.  The more you use your muscles the more they are strengthened.  When you have strengthened muscles they will get a better tone.

Lowers your chance of getting type 2 diabetes

The Diabetes Prevention held studies that showed that if you were to walk at least 150 minutes in a week, or 22 minutes a day, will reduce your risk of type 2 Diabetes by 58%.  It even helps you to control your glucose levels if you are diabetic.

Improves your brain function

Not only can walking decrease depression by as much as 47%, but it can improve your cognitive thinking function.  Walking promotes a healthier heart, which pumps more blood to your brain.  Blood delivers oxygen which is necessary for your brain to function.

And these 5 benefits of walking are just the tip of the iceberg!  There are so many different benefits of walking.  To see all these benefits, try to start walking at least 20 minutes a day.  Slowly work your way up to a mile to two miles per day.  When you walk this much you will be a healthier, stronger and a smarter you.

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