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While fitness gadgets go in and out of favor over the years, exercise bikes always keep their popularity. Why? Besides getting a good cardio fat burning workout, exercise bikes are low impact on your joints so you are able to use them year after year without damaging knees, hips, ankles and other hard working joints.

Studies have shown that using the power of resistance increases the results that you get with exercise. It’s that thinking that drives the success of the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike.

You’re the force behind the creation of the wind resistance with this bike. The amount of resistance that you’ll end up with will depend on how hard and fast that you can pedal. When you want a lot of resistance, you simply have to pedal faster.

This enables you to be in control of the intensity level of the workout.

This model is smooth and quiet, which will leave you free to do things like watching your favorite show on TV or hearing your playlist. What really makes this model so popular is the way that it provides an overall body workout.

Most standard exercise bikes work out the muscles in the bottom half of the body, while ignoring the upper muscle groups. But this bike hits them both at the same time. So you end up getting a great workout with all of the major muscle groups in half the time that it would normally take.

But if you want to just work out your upper or lower body rather than do it at the same time, you have that option. The console with this bike is a RevMeter, which offers you better goal keeping abilities.

The console covers what your calorie burn level is and how long your workout is. The monitor also keeps track of how fast your workouts are, so you can know where you need to make adjustments.

This information is continually being cycled so that you can see the readouts as you’re exercising. The padded seat is comfortable to use for both short or long term use. There are foot straps for pedaling that can be adjusted to fit the height of the user.

To help keep you cooled off during workouts, there is an integrated bottle holder for your water and it’s located directly in front of the console. This can leave your hands free to be able to replenish liquids as you’re working out.

The bike is steady and durable, but there are also levelers to make sure the bike doesn’t tip over, despite a fast and aggressive workout. The transport wheels allow users to easily move the bike to change its position or to store it out of sight.

There are accessories that you can buy to go along with the bike if you want to enhance your exercise time.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

These add-on items include a telemetric heart rate and strap as well as a wind screen and reading rack. While you don’t need them to get a better workout, they can make your workout more pleasurable and this in turn can make you more apt to use your bike more frequently. Remember the more you workout and the longer your workouts are, the better results you will see and feel.

Sole F80 Treadmill

The Sole F80 Treadmill has had a few improvements over the years and the current model is one that will shine above others year after year. Yes, I know – with all of the great reviews that this treadmill receives you are probably wondering why improve?

There wasn’t any major changes, but a few things like a longer running surface and deck and a more powerful motor makes this popular treadmill an even better fitness machine for your home workouts.

Many times when you start looking for a treadmill you will read reviews by consumer resources. The Sole F80 treadmill has been often rated as the “Best treadmill in it’s price range” by consumer resources and also by customers, and for good reason. It is built solidly to withstand years of heavy use and that is not just the treadmill frame but it also has a strong 3.0 HP motor.

The features on this high quality and totally affordable workout machine are numerous and are the most appreciated.

Sole F80 Treadmill features include:

Starting with programs, there are 6 preset programs, 2 open programs that you can create and customize and also 2 heart rate programs.               F80 treadmill

Not a huge amount of workout programs but enough to have you covered for reaching your personal fitness and/ or weight loss goals. While you may look at it and say “what only 10 workout programs?” fitness experts look at it and say “hey, these 10 will get me where I need to go” and don’t mess around with additional programs that are either not effective or you won’t use anyway. Sole streamlines their programs to give you exactly what you need and will use.

With the heart rate monitor programs you can either use the included chest strap or us the sensors that are in the hand grips.
The chest belt will give you a more accurate readout but the sensors come in handy when you want to take a quick reading.

The console is easy to read and you can easily track your incline, speed, calories burned and more.
The console also has a speaker system for your Mp3 player and a peak and valley graph.

Changing your speed and incline is super simple and the cushioned deck helps to reduce joint impact. You might not understand the importance of  the cushioned deck feature today or tomorrow but over time you will.  Having a cushioned (and properly cushioned) deck is one feature that many often over look and they shouldn’t.

Top off the F80 with a cooling fan and secure locking devise when not in use and you’ll find that you won’t want to fold this treadmill away but keep it open for quick jogs here and there.

The Motor is a 3.5 HP Continuous Duty type motor. With a continuous duty motor you will find that your workouts are more even and that the motor has the power to run at the highest speeds and inclines without struggling.

Speed: You can vary the speed from 0.5 to 12 MPH.
The Incline: has a 15% maximum which will help you burn more calories than you would on a level surface and it also lets you use your muscles in a different angle.

The Deck Size is now 35 X 80 – which is wider and longer than previous models and the Running Surface is also more generous with it being 22″ x 60″

The Limited Warranty is the following – the frame, deck and motor have a lifetime warranty and the  electronics,  belt and rollers Rollers have a 5 year warranty and the labor is  2 years with in-some service.

If you are looking for a treadmill with a built in television, DVD player or one that you can surf the internet while you workout, then this machine is not right for you. However, if you are looking for a high quality treadmill, that can give you a good workout  is a god value for your money and one that has received high marks from consumers and reviewers then the Sole F80 treadmill is right for you.
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Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Sole is known as an industry leader in Elliptical trainers and the E95 is the #1 Rated Elliptical

This is not my rating but the ratings of consumer groups and the fitness industry reviewers. Once you start to look at this piece you’ll soon see why.                                                                                                                                               SoleE95EllipticalTrainer

When you want an elliptical trainer that will give you an effective workout today and also years from now you look for a machine that will hold up workout after workout, year after year and Sole ellipticals will do just that.

I like to call the E95 the fitness enthusiast’s elliptical.

Sole has given the E95 all the features that you would want and then they went one step above.

For example: This workhorse has a 34 pound flywheel and also a higher gear ratio which gives you both a much smoother ride but also a quieter one in both the forwards motion and in reverse.

The foot pedals are both over sized and cushioned and have been angled to provide less stress on the ankles and knees when compared to others.

Now this may not sound like much now, but how much of a difference will it make when you are in your senior years if you are not there already. If you are a senior, then you will notice the difference of the 2 degree angling difference.

With this model you can also customize the pedal angle further to fit your particular needs. It even has custom molded hand grips for extra comfort.

Its built as though you had custom ordered it and that’s just one reason why the Sole E95 Elliptical is rated #1.

Oh, and by the way — it is currently on sale and has free shipping in the US ( not including Hawaii and Alaska).
To visit Sole to get the best deal –> E95 SOLE Elliptical

Besides being rated the #1 elliptical, the Sole E95 has:

* A nice comfortable stride length of 20 – 22″ inches, that is adjustable to fit your needs. The 20″ – 22″ length is a good length to be be able to stretch out a bit while you are working out. I am 5’8″ tall with fairly long legs and when I use an elliptical with a standard stride length of 18″ I find that I never quite get the feeling that I am working out my lower body as well as I should. With a longer stride I can stretch out and really feel my body working.

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